Delegates descend on Waterfront’s NSIPs conference

Freshwater’s conference arm, Waterfront Conference Company, is today welcoming another 100 delegates on day two of its NSIP (Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project) Applications Masterclass 2014.

With around 120 delegates, made up of senior planning professionals, construction companies and developers, expected to attend over the course of the two days, the conference will cover a wide range of topics on the gruelling process of NSIP applications.

Delegates will learn from key speakers giving them guidance, from beginning to end, on how to ensure their major infrastructure applications stand up to examination.

Day One looked at the all-important pre-application stages and how to ensure applications successfully consider all potential pitfalls, from legal issues over land, to environmental impacts of projects.  Day two will see delegates navigated through the post-application phase, looking at what the Planning Inspectorate are expecting when they go through the examination process. 

Waterfront Conference Company’s Director, Carrie Swift, said: “With the NSIPs process still being relatively new, it great to see people sharing advice on how best to tackle the process.  This is the only event of its kind, bringing promoters of recently consented applications together to share lessons learnt.”


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