Cardiff bloggers and press feel the heat at Barburrito thanks to Freshwater

Freshwater was tasked with unwrapping Barburrito’s twelfth restaurant for press and bloggers at St David’s, Cardiff.

Barburrito offers casual dining within a 34 cover restaurant in the heart of the Cardiff shopping centre, providing freshly prepared, good quality Mexican food.

Ahead of its opening to the public, Freshwater coordinated a special launch for Cardiff’s fooderati, who flocked to Barburrito for an intimate Mexican masterclass.

Freshwater also created a media buzz around the opening, focussing on Barburrito’s financial investment into the capital and highlighting the chain’s decision to unveil its new-look brand and menu at the Cardiff restaurant.

The launch was well-attended with positive online reviews by bloggers and regional press and a solid social media reaction with lots of pictures of the event on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Some things you wanted to know about Barburrito but were too afraid to ask:

  • Barburrito has made over 5 million burritos since opening in 2005
  • On busy launch days, the fastest teams can create a burrito in 12 seconds
  • During the course of a year, Barburrito gets through 225,000 avocadoes
  • Barburrito’s most popular salsa is the mild, pico de gallo
  • Each week a store will make enough salsa to fill a bath tub 


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Impact report 2017