Willows Activity Farm February Frolics Preview

Our client, Willows Activity Farm, challenged us to come up with an idea to promote their annual lambing event, February Frolics, and to raise awareness of the fun, educational benefits of a family visit to Willows.

We know that parents often rely upon reviews from others to inform their choices, and so we invited several key parent bloggers and reviewers to attend. The attendees were strategically chosen for their locations in North London and Hertfordshire, to maximise the audience reach.

We devised a programme of activity for the attendees prior to the event, and provided event support on the day of the preview.

The result was top marks from two reviewing websites, and glowing reports of the day from the bloggers. They also generated social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Post-preview, we received coverage of the lambing event in local press, family-based publications and online parenting sites, reaching over 630,000 individuals. 


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Impact Report 2017

Impact report 2017