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Crisis & issues management

It’s always been the case that reputations, painstakingly built, can be destroyed overnight. But now the threats come from more sources and can spread more quickly than ever.

The always-on social media and news environment, combined with rising public expectations and increasing consumer power, make a challenging mix.

If you don’t want to be victim of a ‘feeding frenzy’, it’s best to audit the risks and plan to act early to protect yourself.

If a crisis develops, you should be ready to use every communication channel – online and offline – to manage it.

Our seasoned team has handled high-profile and exceptionally-sensitive cases across fields such as health, social care, education and leisure all over the UK.

We have experience of both the public and private sectors and expertise in journalism, social media, politics, media law, investor relations and more.

Whether it’s a risk audit, planning for a difficult announcement or stepping in at short notice, we will create a team to suit your needs.

We have a bespoke communications training offering to help prepare you and your team to deal with a crisis.

For emergency crisis communications, contact 0800 111 4732 and we will deal with your enquiry as a matter of urgency.


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