The trick to media treats!

Willows Activity Farm wanted to raise awareness of its annual Pumpkin Festival in local North London and parenting media.

As an annual event, it was important to offer media a new ‘hook’ and reason to cover the event.

To meet this need, Freshwater identified seven key media outlets including Heart Radio Hertfordshire, AOL’s Parentdish and the Herts Advertiser to target with a ghoulishly clever series of creative press drops to promote the Pumpkin Festival.

Online journalists at each title were desk-dropped a pumpkin hand-carved with the logo of their media outlet along with full details of the Pumpkin Festival including the handles for the official Willows social media channels a week before the event began.

The activity resulted in two photo calls, forty pieces of traditional and online media coverage about the Pumpkin Festival and eight social media mentions of the carved pumpkins themselves.


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Impact Report 2017

Impact report 2017