Keolis - Stakeholder Mapping

French transport operator, Keolis, called on Freshwater’s expertise ahead of embarking on an engagement campaign to increase its corporate visibility among UK national and regional political influencers.

Freshwater developed a detailed stakeholder database for Keolis covering each region of the UK and including every mode of surface transport. This was categorised according to key ministers, frontbenchers, influential parliamentarians and prominent local players.

Keolis was able to use this data to better understand which contacts, networks and resources it already had at its disposal in order to gauge the best use of resource ahead of seeking to establish an operating presence in the UK. In 2010, Freshwater undertook a similar exercise for Northern Rail, mapping their opinion formers and key stakeholders across the franchisee’s local and interurban services in the North and North East of England.


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Impact Report 2017

Impact report 2017