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Presentation Skills Training

Never has it been so important to be a skilled presenter as it is today - communicating with confidence and clarity when we are presenting to clients and colleagues is key to achieving our business objectives.

In this interactive Presentation Skills Training workshop, learn how to deliver powerful presentations that will engage, inform and influence any audience.  Participants will have the opportunity to practise giving presentations to each other live on camera in a relaxed and informal environment, before receiving constructive feedback on their personal style from our expert trainer, as they watch their video back together.

What will be covered?

Focused firmly on achieving key presentation objectives, this training will explore how to structure and deliver a presentation that gets the right message across, in the right way, in order to elicit the desired response from the audience.  Participants will learn about presentation structure, content and visual aids, and pick up key powerful presenting skills including pitch, pace, body language and other key techniques.

During this course participants will:

    • Successfully identify what action your presentation seeks from the audience, and get the response you want
    • Effectively build your key message into the structure of your presentation
    • Practice using vocal variety, pitch and pace to enhance your message
    • Learn how to manage your nerves and ensure a confident delivery
    • Understand your audience and what motivates them
    • Learn how to adapt your style and body language for small audiences versus large audiences
    • Discover the secret preparation you can do for dazzling “off the cuff” speech

This course uses a combination of theory, practical exercises, video play-back and analysis.

Participants will take away a comprehensive course training manual and a video copy of their recorded presentations on a memory stick. They’ll also have access to our free follow-up mentoring support service for up to twelve months after the training.


Who is this course for?

This course is essential for anyone who is preparing for an important presentation, or looking to improve their general presenting style and impromptu speaking skills for meetings and public speaking experiences.

Where is this course run?

We can come and deliver this course on your premises, or we can provide the venue at any location that’s convenient for you, either in the UK or in Europe.

For more information or to request a quote for this course, please email or call 0207 067 1597.


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Impact Report 2017

Impact report 2017