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Speech, Elocution and Accent Reduction Training

How we speak plays a huge role in how we are perceived, both in a business environment and in our daily lives.  With expert guidance and the right techniques, we can change our natural speech habits in order to re-tune our accent and communicate with improved precision, confidence and conviction.

What does this course cover?

This intensive one-on-one course is a Speech, Elocution and Accent Reduction Training course which covers the following:

  • Accent softening and elocution
  • Clarity, tonality and use of pausing and emphasis
  • How to use body and facial expression to create engagement and convey key messages
  • How to best use your voice and words to achieve specific communication goals
  • Overcoming vocal issues and default bad habits
  • How to present powerfully and persuasively

This coaching session will arm the student with the theories, techniques and resources needed to change their speech habits over time.  Following the course, the student will see significant and lasting improvements in the way they speak, and will have the necessary techniques and know-how to continue to perfecting their speaking style without further support.

Who is this course for?

Many of our students are international senior professionals who want to work on accent softening, but this course is also suitable for native English speakers who may want  to soften a regional accent, or generally increase confidence in speaking situations in daily life.


Where is this course run?

We can come and deliver this course on your premises, or we can provide the venue at any location that’s convenient for you, either in the UK or in Europe.

Post course support

We offer a follow-up mentoring support service for twelve months after the training.  This is free of charge.  If participants have questions about any aspect of the material covered in the course, advice on the practical implementation of course principles, they can telephone our support line or send us an e-mail and we will respond appropriately depending upon the precise nature of the inquiry.

For more information or to request a quote for this course, please email or call 0207 067 1597.

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Impact Report 2017

Impact report 2017