Freshwater worked with the PHS Group to develop a broadcast-quality internal communications video for its 5000 UK employees.

After directing and filming an introductory interview with PHS Group’s Chief Executive, Freshwater developed a filming schedule, script and storyboard to recreate PHS’s own version of an episode of BBC’s, The Apprentice. The aim was to blend humour, poignant company messages and the corporate values of trust, honesty, professionalism and teamwork.

We selected members of PHS’ own staff and a professional look-alike to play the central character - Sir Adam Sweetener – to cast the video.

The video was scheduled, filmed and produced by Freshwater, using in-house lighting, sound and camera equipment with a dedicated team that included consisted an in-house producer and director.

All footage was produced at Freshwater’s in-house Final Cut Pro edit suite and was developed to include animated transitions, title graphics and strap bars.

The disc face and DVD case were designed and printed with 100 copies replicated and boxed all in-house. Flash video files were adapted for PHS’ intranet, web-based clips and internal presentations


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Impact Report 2017

Impact report 2017