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Building a successful campaign

The purpose of the stakeholder or political communications campaign or ‘lobbying campaign’ - is to raise awareness of a particular issue by mobilising political, media and public opinion.

All campaigns are different but the outcome of a successful campaign would normally be to change minds and influence decisions.

What makes for a successful campaign?

  • The over-riding objective is to ensure that the case is presented in the most effective way, to the right people, at the right time.
  • After having clarified the campaign objectives, it is necessary to combine a series of imaginative, well-executed and appropriately timed activities. These are all crucial to its success.

Key stages in devising a successful campaign

  • Agree desired outcome
  • Thorough audit of opinion
  • Establish political and policy background
  • Identify supporters and objectors
  • Target decision-makers
  • Prepare credible case

Working with you

  • Prepare verbal or written briefing and reinforce the importance of all involved to stay on message
  • Organise meetings with politicians and officials to develop relationships and increase your influence
  • Arrange presentations, visits, seminars and other opportunities as appropriate Advise on government and parliamentary procedures to ensure that the message is communicated at the right time and in the right way.


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